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Welcome to Mommy Matinee, the premiere website and resource for busy families in the Kempsville, Greenbrier, and surrounding locations of Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and Norfolk!

Busy families need solutions for their busy schedules. Whether you are a busy family of six or a single mom, Mommy Matinee has helpful suggestions and hints for meal planning, house hold work, activities, and family and child friendly events.

Mommy Matinee is also a supporter of area small businesses, community and civic interests of the Kempsville and Greenbrier neighborhoods of Virginia Beach and Chesapeake.

A wonderful solution for busy families is to support their local small businesses and communities. There is so much that the communities of Kempsville and Greenbrier offers and there is potential to offer more! Mommy Matinee researches the needs of area residences with the products and services of local small businesses to help support the needs of both.

Visit Mommy Matinee for quick, easy to find solutions for your busy family. Also, if you have any suggestions, we'd love to hear from you!

Happy 2011 from Mommy Matinee!

Another New Year is upon us. For many, this is a time for new beginnings, new ideas, and new plans. Mommy Matinee is the site for the busy parents, and families, of Kempsville, Greenbrier, and the surrounding area, to check out in 2011 when it comes to: Tips for busy house holds and family oriented activities and events.

Do you know of any family friendly activities or events happening in and around the Kempsville area? Let us know by clicking here.

Family Oriented News, Events and Updates for Kempsville and surrounding Areas

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Essentials Hair and More Salon

African American HairEssentials Hair and more Salon, conveniently located in the Kempsville section of Virginia Beach, and easily accessible from Chesapeake and Norfolk, offers top notch hair styling and hair care for all hair types. While specializing in African American hair care and hair types, Essential's professional barbers and stylists can accommodate anyone's hair care needs.

Shampooing, conditioning, cutting, braiding, twisting, styling, coloring, highlighting, curling, relaxing, and texturizing are all services provided by the certified barbers and stylists of Essentials.

A make up consultant is also periodically available, to perform makeovers. With the holiday season around the corner, filled with parties and events, contact Essentials for details. And speaking of the holiday season and parties, Essentials also offers online gift certificates for purchase!

Essentials has frequent specials for braids and lashes, and provides significant discounts on shampooing, conditioning, cutting, relaxing, and styling Monday-Wednesday, 9a-2p. Students receive a 20% discount card!

Essentials provides products for purchase, such as high quality shampoos, conditioners, and other hair care products by Influance and Design Essentials. Essentials also carries Body Magic body sliming under garments by Ardyss.

Amenities provided by Essentials include television viewing on one of the easy to view mounted monitors. The staff can also order and deliver meals for customers, from nearby restaurants of Kempsville, Greenbrier, and surrounding areas. Customers can even schedule appointments online!

Whether you are located in Kempsville, or another Virginia Beach community, Greenbrier, Chesapeake, or Norfolk, Essentials provides a clean, professional, and friendly atmosphere!

Essentials Hair Salon
1830 Kempsville Road, Suite 104
Virginia Beach, VA 23464


Shop Kempsville Crossing

Shopkempsvillecrossing.com is the first shopping center based website launced by Mommy Matinee. Coming soon...Shop Woods Corner, Shop Orchard Square, Shop The Cascades, and Shop Plantation Woods! This is a fast and easy way to find out what products and services are near you, in the Kempsville and surrounding areas, that you may not know about.
Proposed Uranium Mine could affect local drinking water

Calendar and Events

The information on the Mommy Matinee Calendar is compiled from various sources (newspaper, eventCalendar Clipart calendars, etc.). The ones chosen are believed to be the most appealing to the families in Kempsville area.

Event Costs:

Events that do not have any $s by them are free*.
Events that have $ by them indicate a cost. The following scale indicates the approximate costs for a family of approximately 3-4 people:

* $-$5 or less
* $$- $6-$10
* $$$-$11 or more

*Note: Many of the events, even the free ones, have concessions, products, etc. that do have monetary cost.

If you know of any family or child oriented events or activities, particularly occurring within Kempsville, Greenbrier, and the surrounding areas, please send the information to: info@mommymatinee.com.

Special Note: The events listed may occur during times and dates in addition to what is shown here. Mommy Matinee has listed the dates and times we feel will be to the liking of busy parents of young children. To see event days and times in their entirety, visit the official website of each event, by clicking on the associated links provided.

Call for Affordable Childcare

Need child care in the West Kempsville/Greenbrier area?

Contact Janete Cassell, janeteycassell@yahoo.com, 479-5406 (home), 769-6214 (cell), 1816 John Brown Lane

*Before and After School Care
*Full Day Care
*Snacks Provided

Do you, or anyone you know, provide affordable after school child care, and/or tutoring services in the West Kempsville/Greenbrier areas? If so, Mommy Matinee invites you to forward your information for a free posting. Please supply your information on the Contact Us page.

*Email addresses supplied by participants are only for the use of Mommy Matinee and are not shared with any third parties. For Mommy Matinee's Privacy Policy, click here.

Car Detailing for $20 - Call 359-6936

The temperatures may be cooling but keep your car looking hot!

Quinton J. Simpson, a Kempsville resident, will detail your car by appointment and on the weekends for just $20 cash! That's a great price, especially with the holiday shopping season rapidly approaching. Just give him a call!

Save on Shell Gas through Kroger

Great news if you are already a Kroger Shopper...or if you prefer Shell Gasoline. Even better if your preference is for both. The two have teamed up to help consumers save money on gas, while purchasing other necessities in the process. Click here to find out more, or visit Kempsville's Kroger Supermarket located in Providence Squaire (at the intersections of Providence Road and Kempsville Road).

Family Fun Centers

Looking for a place to take the whole family, that is child friendly? Want some "adventure" in which you can bring the entire family along, without traveling far? Want a place that caters to your interests, health, and safety in a fun atmosphere?

Such places are right under your nose!
Your local YMCA or Recreation Center. Kempsville has one of each!

If you are not a member, and find yourself wondering where to take the family on those weekday mornings when your kids are bored, stir crazy, or brimming with energy, it is worth considering a membership. If a membership is not in the budget right now, read on. There are other ways a family can benefit from these centers for free, on occasion; or for very little money.

If you are like many people, you will want to "try out" using these facilities before purchasing a membership.

Each organization will require a picture ID to sign up for membership, or to use the facilities as a visitor. The Virginia Beach Recreation Centers require proof of address, in addition to a picture ID, such as a voter registration card, car registration, utility bill, bank statement, lease, tax return, or personal property tax statement.

Both centers have a local guest or visitor's policy. It makes sense to take advantage of these before joining.
Guest Policies & Visitor Passes
YMCA Local Guest Policy

1st Visit-Compliemtary
2nd Visit-$5 per family member
3rd Visit-$10 per family member

After the third visit, one must pay a regular membership fee in order to use the facilities.
Virginia Beach Recreation Center Visitors' Passes

Youth (ages 3-17) $5/day
Adult (ages 18 and up) $7/day

Membership fees vary based on the organization, type of plan, and age(s) of individuals.

YMCA costs only $86/month for an entire family or just $61/month for an individual.

The VBRC has memberships, for Virginia Beach residents, that range from $26/year for children ages 3-8, to $72/year for adults ages 18-59. There are also discounted rates for senior citizens, as well as $5 discounts on Virginia Musical Theater Tickets.

If a membership seems too expensive or if your schedule is too hectic to get the best value, get creative. The YMCA has month to month memberships! A family, or individual, can try it out for one month; or perhaps for the summer months only, when the kids are out of school. Or, maybe your family is the opposite, and you have plenty to do during the summer months, but need something on those autumn and winter weekend afternoons.

One can join the recreation center for six months, instead of a year.
YMCA vs. the Virginia Beach Recreation Center

Which one is the best to join? It depends on several factors.
Both offer a wide range of services, activities, and classes.
Something as simple as location and setting may be the determining factor. Or something as important as cost and savings may determine where a family wants to partake in these family recreational activities.

Hands down, the Recreation Center is more economical to join for a year, than the YMCA. But for a family of four that can partake in a membership for only two months out of the year, it would be more economical for that family to join the YMCA.

If one wants to workout, and needs someone to watch their children (ages six weeks to 8 years), the YMCA has the Child Watch program, which is free for members.

The YMCA also has a program, for members, called Parents Night Out. It occurs one Friday night a month, from 6:30pm-10pm. For a fee of $6 per child, parents can leave their children in a safe environment. The children can blow off energy, and parents can spend some time together. The program at the Indian River YMCA, in Kempsville, is for potty trained children, between the ages of 4-12.

For more information about the YMCA membership and fees, and to join online, click here.

For more information about the Virginia Beach Recreation Center membership and fees, click here

Crime in Kempsville

With the holiday season approaching, there will likely be an increase in certain types of crime. Here are some basic tips, to help discourage some incidents of crime:

If you see a car that is unfamiliar to you, take note of the license plate and any occupants. The information may come in handy later.

It does not hurt to anonymously call the police if you feel unsettled by an out of place car or individual(s). The fact that the police happen to drive by, or check things out, is enough to deter many would be incidences of criminal activity. It lets potential perpetraitors know people are watching and are vigilant.

Talk to your neighbors. A simple "How are you today" will do, particularly if you like to keep to yourself. Become a familiar face, and your neighbors are likely to look out for you, and yours if something seems amiss: An unfamiliar person hanging around your home, odd activity when you are at work, but your kids are home from school, and the like.

To get crime statistic and reports for Alexandria, visit VBEPRO .
Small Business Profiles
The Klumsy Moose

A dream come true for those of us with small children, especially now that school has started and temperatures are falling. Located in Orchard Square (1400 Kempsville Road), the Klumsy Moose is charming, tidy, and convenient. Clothes range from infant sizes to 6X and are made of quality material, yet are reasonably priced. Keep the Klumsy Moose in mind for any upcoming baby showers and birthday parties for young children, because they have gifts too! Drop in one day when you are in, or around,Orchard Square. Contact them if you are looking for something in particular: 312-0970, theklumsymoose@yahoo.com.

Tony Decena, The Mailbox Store

Need to rent a truck? Need to purchase a small gift and card as a tokken of your appreciation? Need packaging materials? Or maybe you need a P.O. Box. If you need to make copies or to ship a package to anywhere from the next town to overseas, stop by the Mailbox Store in Orchard Square Shopping Center (Greenbrier), off of Kempsville Road.

Tony Decena is co-owner, along with Jun Voces, of the establishment that opened on December 1, 2008. I met Tony one Saturday when I needed to make copies. Tony is very friendly and customer service oriented. He was in the middle of providing help, and an extremely high level of customer service, to two other patrons. He then provided me with that same level of service. Tony ended up making my copies for me, and precisely cut them, as I ran other errands!

Bridgett, a regular patron, and mom of two young boys stated, "Tony goes above and beyond to service his customers. He is very friendly and knows many of his customers by name. Plus, you can't beat the convenience of coming here instead of the other larger copy and print companies. The prices here are very economical in comparison. "

Like many other small business merchants, Tony believes in giving back to the community. The Mailbox store has made donations to two local churches: St Mark in Chesapeake, and Pleasant Grove Baptist in Virginia Beach. The Mailbox Store has also offered their services to these churches, for their charitable and fundraising events.

In addition to packing, shipping, and printing, The Mailbox Store also provides notary services, laminations, passport photos, business cards orders, invitations and announcement orders, and more!

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JW Tejchman, 45 Degrees Martini Lounge

Martini GlassThe 45 Degrees Martini Lounge, located in Orchard Square Shopping Center, is something quite different for this area.

Mommy Matinee is a website dedicated to families, particularly the parents of young children. 45 Degrees Martini Lounge may be the the place to just relax for an hour or so, on a Friday, right after work, once the kids are settled in with a relative or a sitter. The Lounge seems like it may be more appealing to the younger, more club oriented types later in the evening.

Resident Mixologist, JW Tejchman, stated, "This is the ideal place for people, in the Greenbrier and Kempsville area, who don't want to travel out to Grandby Street, Town Center, and the Oceanfront for a nice dinner and drinks." The lounge provides a tapas menu, which is based off what is in season. The ingredients used in the menu items come from local farms and markets. Everything there is fresh. 45 Degrees Martini is a full service adult beverage establishment which specializes in martinis. But they also have a full wine list, cocktails, and limited select beers. The dress is causual to business casual. It is a non smoking establishment.

I met JW the afternoon of their grand opening, June 27. The establishment was in the process of preparing for the grand opening, later that evening, when I dropped in to visit. JW was very excited and I can see why. The place is extraordinarily decorated, with seven 42 inch flat screen TV's (the eigth one will be installed soon), a DJ both and dance/band floor, two VIP booths, with full VIP service, that will seat up to 6-8 people. Their sound system is amazing...one can hook up their iPod to the sound system there and DJ for a while....from his or her playlist! Talk about cool.

Giving Back and Helping Out

Samaritan House. There are so many ways to support the Samaritan House. You can donate just about anything or volunteer.

If you are short on items to donate and don't have the time, use www.goodsearch.com and in the "I'm Supporting" box, type Samaritan House-Virginia Beach. This will work like other Internet search engine but it earns money for various charities. This is a very creative and simple way to help out, especially if you are on the Internet anyway.

Becoome a Girl Scout Leader in the Hampton Roads area. Please contact: Mila Rose, Membership Specialist. Email: milagrosr@gsccc.org. Address: 912 Cedar Road, Chesapeake, VA 23322-7002.
Birthday Club

This is for parents, who are planning a birthday event for children turning between the ages of 1 and 9, and wishBirthday Baby to invite more children, and their parents, to the event.

This is ideal for:

* New families in the area who don't know many people, let alone children, who are same age as their birthday boy or girl.